Privacy Policy

November 1st, 2020

Hello, I’m Christoph Emrich. I make family friendly mobile games and experiences that everybody loves to play. At least I hope my games are fun to play.
National Hero is my latest game and it’s your classic yet unique football manager game.

Here, I will tell you how I use game data in the National Hero application to help create the best possible gaming experience, and how I keep that data safe. Please make sure to read everything here carefully. If you still have questions after reading through, please contact me at

When downloading this game as a mobile app or purchasing in-app items inside the game through the Apple AppStore, you submit certain information to that platform, in particular your account data, e.g. your name, device identifiers, e-mail address and payment information. I have no influence on this data collection and I am not responsible for it.

The High Score featues of my game require the app to access Apple Game Center, which is subject to Appleā€™s Privacy Policy, available at You can turn the Game Center feature off in the game. If you decide to use the service, e.g. to receive notifications about achievements, the personal information you share is visible to other users and can be read, collected, or used by them. You need to consider which personal information you choose to submit.

While playing the game, you are being asked to provide your name, birthday and nationality. This data will be saved locally, i.e., on the mobile device you are playing on, and will only be used with and for the purpose of the specific career you have entered the data for.

Other than for Apple Game Center purposes and In-App purchases, the game will not make any of your data – either data entered by you, data generated in the game or any data saved on your mobile device from other applications and/or services – available to a 3rd party. The game will furthermore not require a network connection (other than for Apple GameCenter purposes and In-App purchases) nor will it communicate with any other device, application or service.